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Camping Montuosa - 4 days of blue water

If adventure runs through your veins, camping Isla Montuosa is for you. Sixty miles out in the Gulf of Chiriqui, you will be situated on a pristine island paradise. Relatively untouched, Montuosa radiates prehistoric times. The island is covered in lush jungle and gorgeous waterfalls. Underwater, Montuosa is an untouched world of Hammerhead sharks and vibrant tropical fish. Be ready to be impressed as you step on to the white sand beach of this uninhabited island. Montuosa is part of the protected zone of coiba national park and therefore we get to camp on the island. No worries, we will make it as comfortable as possible with a personal cook and two boat captains. In the end, it is all worth it being that Montuosa is located only 15 minutes from Hannibal Bank. At Hannibal Bank, you will spear the biggest fish of your life.

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Morro Negrito

Since 1998, Morro Negrito has been recognized as a world class surf destination. Recently, Morro Negrito is becoming more and more recognized for the spearfishing potential in the area. The islands surrounding Morro Negrito are ideal for near shore reef spearfishing. Some common catches around Morro Negrito are: Red snapper, Dorado, Roosterfish, Sierra and Yellowfin Tuna. The visibility is pretty good at the island locations being that there are no sand bottoms. Also, not too far from Morro Negrito you can do some pretty good blue water spearing. Morro Negrito is fairly developed offering running water, electricity, internet and other modern amenities. Morro Negrito should not be confused as a resort, but as a step above camping.

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